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Formula of std err Prediction


Community Member


Nov 29, 2013

I want to know how to transfer the formula of STD ERR OF Prediction of my linear model in Excel. ( std err Pred Formula)

I dont understand it....what is Vec quadratic ?

Formula is: Sqrt(Vec Quadratic([0.615106074605487 -0.05018339188381, -0.05018339188381 0.00428784520440499], [1] || :T20) * 194.153863605514)

T20 is my variable (temperature at 20 cm under surface)

Thank you very much for your answer!


Community Manager


Jun 23, 2011

Hi Valerie,

Computing the std err of prediction involves some matrix computations that don't have a direct equivalent in Excel.

In this case Vec Quadratic(S, X) returns the diagonal elements of X * S * Transpose(X).

It appears that Excel could do the matrix multiplication using the MMULT() function and the transposition using the TRANSPOSE() function.

I can't find an Excel function which returns the diagonal elements of a matrix.