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Font settings not preserved when saving as html


Community Trekker


Jun 12, 2012


I can create a text box and set the font size like so:

heading_tb = tex box("Some text");

heading_tb << set font size(30);

Next I send the text box to the journal and save the journal, and save it again as html:

heading_tb << journal();

Current Journal() << Save Journal(savePath || "fileName.jrn");

Current Journal() << Save HTML(savePath || "fileName.html");

When you look at the Journal file, the font size change is there, but in the HTML file, the font size reverts to a default size.

Does anyone understand why this is happening, or how to have control of display settings in the HTML output?



Community Trekker


Sep 29, 2014

I have the same problem. I solved it by importing my own CSS into html file by editing it at Dreamweaver.

It is time consuming so I left doing it.

One thing I would like to ask if R&D Team is reading this discussion:

Could I edit the html engine of JMP? So each html output (interactive) will have the settings I prefer (CSS).



May 30, 2014

To keep the task of outputting the rich set of reports supported by JMP manageable, we needed to limit the number of fonts and styles we support, and have not added support for customization.