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Fit Y by X and saving residuals script


I have the following code that GZMorgan0 kindly helped me with,

biv = Bivariate (
	Y(:Name( "HA mcg/mL")),
	X( :Time point ),
	By ( :Subtype ),
	Group By (:Lot Number),
	Fit special ( yTran ( "Log"), Centered Polynomial(0))

I would like to create a new column with the predicted values by subtype by lot number within the same data table, is that possible??? I have used the following to extract the parameters into a separate data table, but that is not ideal.

//Combine parameter estimates in new table

dtparms = rbiv[1][tablebox(4)] << make combined data table;

dtparms << Set Name("Parameter Table");

When I try to do it from the drop down menus I get a separate column for each lot number, by each subtype, that’s a lot of columns in the data table, does anyone have any ideas?



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