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Finding out what keywords are available

I'm summarising a data table using the usual syntax, e.g. dt << summary( by(Group), mean(TrtA, TrtB, TrtC)), and am getting a summary table back in which all the column names are prefixed by the word "mean", e.g. "mean(TrtA)", "mean(TrtB)" etc. That's obviously both logical and informative, but actually I want to retain the original column headings for reasons that aren't worth going into here. I've written a little function to strip out the extraneous text, but I'm doing a lot of this sort of thing and repeatedly having to tidy them up afterwards is a bit of a nuisance. Is there a keyword for use with the summary command which will do this automatically? I can't find one in the manual, but I could easily have overlooked it if it's called something that isn't obvious.

On a general point, how can I get a list of all the available keywords for any particular command? I keep coming across statements in the manual like "Options include...", whereas I'd like to have a comprehensive list at my fingertips - preferably with descriptions of what they all do.

Many thanks.
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Re: Finding out what keywords are available

dt << summary( group(Group),
mean(TrtA, TrtB, TrtC),
statistics column name format( "Column" ))

When you run Summary interactively there is a pull down menu which lets you choose among several ways to format the summary column names. When you choose one and run it you can look at the Source script in the summary table to see how to script it.
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Re: Finding out what keywords are available

Perfect - many thanks. On the general point, is it possible to obtain comprehensive lists of options for any command other than by running that command from the menu and inspecting the resulting dialog box as you've suggested? Now I know what the keyword I want actually is, I've just searched a PDF copy of the JMP 9 Scripting Guide for the phrase "column name format", and I see it doesn't actually appear anywhere.

As a secondary question - and my apologies if I'm being obtuse - how do I search the online help within JMP for a phrase containing more than just a single word? I've tried using the AND and OR options and putting the phrase I'm looking for inside quotes, but to no avail: all I get is references to every instance of each word - and there are usually a lot of those to work through. What am I missing here?
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Re: Finding out what keywords are available

I have also found my search efforts a bit less productive than one might like.

On the Help search page - to the right of the search string entry is an arrow with several key words: AND, :OR, :NEAR etc..

This search below seemed to find this topic right away

"column name" near format

Anyone else have better tips/suggestions?

Best regards,
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Re: Finding out what keywords are available

Well, it doesn't help in this case, so I hesitate to bring it up. But here goes:

Anytime you have a scriptable object, you can use the Show Properties() command to get a list of all the commands the object will respond to.

So if you let 'st' represent your summary table like this:

st = Data Table("Large Table") << Summary( ...);
Show Properties(st);

You'll get a list in the Log window of things to investigate.

There's also the omnibus 'Show Commands(all)' command that will dump a list of all JSL commands in the log.

Still, the 'statistics column name formatdoesn't appear anywhere in the lists.

The one BIG clue that I can give you is that almost everything in the UI (checkboxes, edit boxes, etc.) has a corresponding JSL command. Thus, on the Summary dialog, since I see a drop down list called 'statistics column name format' gives me a big clue that there's a JSL command very much like it, with options like there are on the data table.

In fact, once I ran the Summary command using the interface, I could look at the script attached to the generated table (called 'Source'), et voilà, there sits the command.

Not ideal, I know.
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