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FilterColSelector Grouped / Ungrouped columns

I would like to create a FilterColSelector list box but have it initialize either to showing only ungrouped columns or only grouped columns.


This can be done after the display is created by clicking the triangle, then unchecking either the  "Column Groups" or the "Ungrouped Columns" options.  However, there seems to be no method of doing this within JSL.


Does anyone know a solution for this within JSL?  I am using JMP14.3


Names Default To Here( 1 );
dt = Open( "$SAMPLE_DATA/Big" );
New Window( "Filter Col Selector Example", fontobj = lb = Filter Col Selector( width( 250 ) ) );
lb << character( 0 );
No option seems to be available to turn off the "Column Groups" or the "Ungrouped Columns" within a JSL scripe
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Re: FilterColSelector Grouped / Ungrouped columns

I do not see in the Scripting Index any parameters or messages that allows for the JSL setting you are looking for. I suggest that you add your request to the JMP Wish List
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