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Extracting values from a Gauge RR report

I'm wondering if there is a straightforward way to extract the "Gauge R&R % of tolerance" value from a Gauge RR report in jmp, or if I'll have to figure something out using xpath. I want this value for use in a high level summary report. Script is probably not that important for this question but this is what I have so far:


For( k = 1, k <= (N Cols(GAGEdT) - 4), k++,

	s = column(GAGEdT, k) << Get Property( "Spec Limits" ); 
	usl = s["USL"];
	lsl = s["LSL"];

	rw << Append(ob = Outline Box (Eval(Char(Column Name(k))),
		vc = Variability Chart(
			Y( Column(Eval(k))),
			X( :tester, :test site, :Hardware SN ),
			Model( "Crossed" ),
			Max Iter( 100 ),
			Conv Limit( 0.00000001 ),
			Number Integration Abscissas( 128 ),
			Number Function Evals( 65536 ),
			Analysis Type( Name( "Choose best analysis (EMS REML Bayesian)" ) ),
			Historical Sigma( 0 ),
			Std Dev Chart( 0 ),
			Gauge RR( 6, usl-lsl, lsl, usl ),
			Name( "Reduced Gauge R&R Report" )(1),

			Show Box Plots (1),
			Show Points(0),
				"Variability Chart",
				{Frame Size( eval(window_width), 400 )}))



Level II

Re: Extracting values from a Gauge RR report

Looks like I need the "Make Combined Data Table" function but I haven't figured out how to make it work yet.


Re: Extracting values from a Gauge RR report

Hi, @Mark_ON !


You're going to have to look at the display tree to figure out the name of the table box you want.  There are some notes on that in the scripting guide here:


Here are some examples of getting bits and pieces from a report: (note Xan's comments at the bottom)


On your other thought, Make Combined Data Table is a message that you would send to a table box.  so you still need to be able to work the display tree for the report to get to it.  


Hope that helps!







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