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Aug 19, 2015

Exporting to Excel from JMP Categorical-Formatting

I have been so frustrated with this and hoping someone can help.  Is there a way to do these 2 things (or at least 1 of them) when exporting data from JMP Categorical to Excel


-  Auto format the %'s into %'s in excel, rather than a number  (because there are actually #'s in the table, it's not as easy to do a global change to %'s in my sheet)

-  Auto open Excel after exporting from JMP Categorical.  Currently, I have to save it and then go find it to open it


FYI, I'm using Excel 2013






Apr 26, 2012

Re: Exporting to Excel from JMP Categorical-Formatting

Just to check, you're saving files from the Categorical platform?

In your preferences do you have file locations specified?



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