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Export to Word generates a completely useless, unreadable document.

  • JMP 11.2
  • Word 2010

Hi everyone,

I created a script that generates a lot of charts (control charts and distributions, histograms).

  • At the end I try to export the report to Word, but the results are extremely poor.
  • First of all, if word it only works when Word is open.
  • I sometimes get an error message from Word: 'A table in this document has become corrupted'.
  • The control charts are transported correctly, but the Histograms fall mostly of the page.  Since they are aligned right, it mostly leaves white space in the document.

The entire point of the script is to automate a process to send the info to the users.  Is there any tutorial, or function that let you control the output, to get a nice and readable document?


DispBox = New Window("MyWindow",

     V List Box(

          For (i = 2, i <= N Col(inputTable), i++,

               // Create control chart

               // Create histogram




DispBox << Save MSWord("C:\temp\test.doc", png);

The created window gives the results exactly as it should be.

If I transfer the charts to a picture format, it becomes one huge picture with all the graphs so small, that I cannot use it as well.

Html format: The HTML looks terrible also (zoomed to 1000%, still not readable).

Interactive HTML: This is the only format that makes the charts look like they are supposed to.  But opening the interactive HTML in Word doesn't work.

Has anyone experience with this?

Thank you,


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Re: Export to Word generates a completely useless, unreadable document.

I don't export the window, but selected output inside the window. Here's an example where a series of charts are saved to MS-Word.  I use Native instead of png, by the way.  The various _expr variables point to graph builder expressions.

trend_win = new window("Trend Charts",



            H List Box(

                Button Box("Save to MSWord",

                   trend_output << Save MSWord("", Native);


                Button Box( "Close this Window",

                    trend_win << Close Window ),




    trend_output = tab box(

        "Reporting Percentages",

            tab box(

            "Total RP", rp_expr,

            "Country RP", ctryrp_expr,

            "Age Group RP", agerp_expr,

            "Gender RP", sexrp_expr,

            "Serious RP", serrp_expr,

            "Indications RP", indrp_expr


        "Case Counts",

            tab box(

            "Total CC", cc_expr,

            "Country CC", ctry_expr,

            "Age Group CC", age_expr,

            "Gender CC", sex_expr,

            "Serious CC", ser_expr,

            "Indications CC", ind_expr,




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Re: Export to Word generates a completely useless, unreadable document.

Thanx for the answer.

I don't need buttons.  The entire point is to have a script that can run automatically.  So I didn't use the buttons.

I tried to add a tab box around the entire for-loop.  I also tried to add a tab box inside the loop (around both graphs, and tried again around each graph separately.  I get no output at all (just a grey window).

If I export the V List Box to word, it works every time but the file is STILL not saved and it only works when Word is opened.  So no automation possibilities there.

I changed the type to save as RTF.  This does happen!  The file keeps looking the same (ugly and unusable).

I could use a vba-macro to open it and edit the content that it looked as it should be, unfortunately, almost every time I get the message that a datatable has become corrupted.

This was tested on several computers just to exclude a problem on my workstation.

Guess it will be time to look for different solutions.

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