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Encryption Issue

Hi All,

I have this issue where I encrypt a script, give it to another person to run, and then the decrypted script becomes viewable at the upper, left portion of the JMP screen by right clicking any of the green triangles and selecting edit.  I've tried encrypting in a journal as well, but that doesn't work either.  Is there a work around for this?   Thanks in advance for any help.  

Staff (Retired)

Re: Encryption Issue

I think you are asking about the data table script that might be saved from a platform. That script is a description of the launch dialog for the platform, and is not encrypted.

Other logic you've written for gathering data, processing the data, dialogs to interact with the user... is not saved as part of the script to relaunch a platform.

Super User

Re: Encryption Issue

If you want to prevent the user from seeing the source code, you can delete that property using

dt << Delete Table Property( "Source");

To protect the Table Scripts, what you can do, is to save the script as an encrypted script on your C: drive, and then add a Table Script that Includes() that script from the C: drive.

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