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DoE where One Factor can be Activated/Deactivated

I have a deterministic system response with two continuous factors that can be varied in any continuous combination with each other, A1 and A2.  I have a third continuous factor, B, that only affects the system response if a third categorical 'switch', C, is True.  So:


C == False: A1, A2 only affect system response

C == True: A1, A2, and B affect system response


In the past, we have typically made two DoE sampling designs to handle the C == True and C == False cases separately.  But is there a more efficient way to handle this in one DoE?  Should I be combining factors somehow--perhaps B and C in some fashion?  I am interested in an interactive GUI solution if possible.

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Re: DoE where One Factor can be Activated/Deactivated

it looks like you would like to "disallow" a combination. Take a look at these two posts

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