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Do not put multiple Map Role tables in the same folder

I had Map Role tables in a folder:


I then created a 2nd version of this and placed it in the same folder:


I found that GraphBuilder, even when specifying my Map Role column should be linked to, the XY file that was used was

I was able to fix this by isolating the different maps in their respective folders.


For example:

  • MapRole1Folder/
  • MapRole1Folder/


  • MapRole2Folder/
  • MapRole2Folder/



Re: Do not put multiple Map Role tables in the same folder

So this is whats happening...

Your map files are being sorted alphanumerically, so the file that ends in "2" is last. JMP is only seeing and reading the first version for those map labels. 


If you were to put the letter "a" infront of the current best version of the mapfile pair, Name and XY  for map labels you have it will do what you expect. 


For example, lets say I have labels and shapes for zip codes.

And I have 4 different pairs of map files in one directory.  All of them have zip code labels and shapes. 


When I use zip code in the Graph Builder Map role, which files should be used? Turns out  its the first pair, sorted alpha numerically. 



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