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Display Tree questions

I have several questions on scripting display trees.

1. I was trying to build an interface using the following code
script1=expr( column dialog(...));
script2=expr(column dialog(...));

New window( button box("button 1", script1), button box("button 2", script2));
I found that the program works if I run it each time and click on either button. However, if I run the script, clicking on button1, it always works, then clicking on button 2 (without rerun the program), button 2 doesn't work anymore. And there is no error msg whatsoever displayed on the log. What could be the possible reason to cause this situation?

I was suspecting the problem is caused by using modal dialog box, but I can't quite change them to non modal ones since I'm using Edit Num( ) and Edit Text( ) in script1 and script2.

2. If I'm using Col List Box( ), is there any way like "min column( )" to make the box show "required" instead of "optional"?

Found the bug in my script. I mistakenly cleared global variables somewhere in my script, which caused the subscripts associated with the buttons invalid.