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Disable Time Format when import the text file (JMP10)

Hello everyone,

I observed that when import the text file. JMP will automatically detect the DATE/TIME data column and convert it to another format. And I dont want change the format.


     Original from txt file = "18-JAN-2016:03:03:55"

     JMP convert to = "18Jan2016 3:03:55 AM"

What I did, I import the text file as preview and change that DATE/TIME column to CHAR format. This is only way right now for me.

The problem is I have to import many many text files and I have to do this every single file. Do you guys know any option or the way to disable the DATE/TIME format conversion? I dont want to use this option.

Thank you so much, Pichan.

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Re: Disable Time Format when import the text file (JMP10)


I am not aware of a general Preference that will stop the field conversion during a manual importing from a txt file.  However, there are methods that can be used to convert the field value by changing the display format after it has been read in, or to use a more specific script for the data input.  To determine the correct solution I have a few questions.

The solutions that you have described, indicates that you are converting the Date Time value into a character string.  When you do this, you are losing the ability to manipulate the values as time values within JMP.  Retaining the values as Date Time values is fairly important in JMP.  So the question that comes from this, is, what is it about the conversion that is causing the problem?  Is it the removal of the "-" between the 18 and the JAN and the 2016, or is it the addition of the "AM" in the value?

Do the imported files have the same columns?

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Re: Disable Time Format when import the text file (JMP10)

Hello Jim,

My problem is the removal of "-" that you guested. However I can make another column with the formula to solve this problem.

Thank you so much for your help.

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