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Difference in sql query check in JMP 11 vs 13

I use JMP 11, and I have a query to the database, which returns first and last dates for some serial number. This query works fine in JMP 11, but when I try to show it to my college with JMP 13, I got this JMP Alert: "syntax error at or near "2216"; Error while preparing parameters". The sql query is: "SELECT mac, site, location, date, time FROM (SELECT mac, site, location, date, time, row_number() OVER (order by date desc) as rn, count(*) over () as total_count
from data_electrical_2018 where sn='2216K000040') t where rn=1 or rn=total_count ORDER by date DESC;"

Everything is exactly the same, just it works in older version and not in new version, I think there is something with the way I send a text string (sn='2216K000040') which is JMP doesn't like, during the check (or while preparing parameters). Any ideas how to fix it?

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