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Dialog box for selecting columns

Hi Guys,

I have a table open with a large number of columns. How can I generate a dialog box to select only some columns so that JMP can go and plot histograms and box plots for only the selected columns?

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Re: Dialog box for selecting columns

Look up "Column Dialog" in the JMP scripting docs.
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Re: Dialog box for selecting columns

There are non-scripting alternatives that may ease column selection. Short of scripting, realize that lists of column names can be copied, manipulated, then pasted into dialog boxes such as "distribution".

Example workflow might be:
While viewing data table, select column names in "columns" panel of data table view, Copy (ctrl-c).
Paste list of column names into alternate location (a new data table file or even a non-JMP spreadsheet). Manipulate list to desired result (select, delete, etc).
Copy manipulated list of column names, then
in JMP distribution dialog box, click into target area and paste(ctrl-v).

This copy/paste can also be used for renaming columns by pasting back onto the columns panel.
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