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Destructive Degradation with Additional Explanatory Variable

I'm looking to do a destructive degradation analysis. The test was designed with storage temperature as the accelerating ageing variable and items were pulled and tested (once each- it was a destructive test) at different times. I don't work with JMP's reliability analyses too often, but I have the basics well enough that I could do the analysis if this was the extent of the test.  However, in this case, I also have an additional variable (that is not an accelerating ageing variable)- it's the temperature at which the item was actually tested; there are 3 levels of this variable, and based on visually looking at the data, I would lean towards treating is as categorical.  I could just fit 3 separate models- 1 for each test temperature; however, it seems like there should be a way to combine the data and fit a single model (which I would expect to be the better way to handle the data). Can anyone offer any insight on how I might be able to do this in JMP 13?

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