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Desirability formula in Profiler


DSD (13 exp.) was augmented by 8 new runs. Models for Y1 and Y2 were created in JMP12. Y1 should be NMT0.5% and Y2 NMT0.3%. The Profiler was created and desirability limits set as match target function. The Profiler Desirability formula was saved as new table column. Surface plot (SP) of Desirability formula with Isosurface visualization gave 3D area of my specification limit, see script. I

  1. Where to change desirability in SP (Dependent Variables Value number in SP does not agree with Desirability number in Profiler).
  2. In SP there are two parallel sheets, how to have only one with desirability 100%?
  3. Is any other technique giving me surface formula of my specification limit? (Simulation gives me 3D area of all point below spec. limit, contour profiler graph is only 2D space)

Thank you


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