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Deployment of jsl

Hello Fellow Users,

I am new user of JMP and have written a script to take a variable input, plot  p-chart (control chart) and export it as jpeg image.

Now that my script is ready I want to pass in the variable values daily from outside JMP.

Is there a way to run this code independently - as a windows executatble (.exe) or as windows service or something else.

Options :

1. I am thinking of hosting this JSL code outside the JMP environment - so that other tools can interact with this code and export control chart as jpeg.

2. If creating an exe or as a service is not possible, then I am thinking of a way to pass on my variable inputs via  external sources (eg. batch script) to JMP/JSL and then execute this JSL at scheduled interval.


Please let me know in case there are other options available. Any help or direction will be much appreciated.


P.S: I have searched online documenation and have not found any pointers to solve this problem.

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Re: Deployment of jsl

@dilipkumar , 
        Try looking at automating it with Excel or C#. In your JMP installation, there will be sample files (K:\Program Files\SAS\JMP\14\Samples\Automation). Use these examples as guides to help you get set up with C# or Excel. Once you are able to connect to C# or Excel, you can have .exe developed in C# or a macro file in Excel that you can instantiate with a click. 

        Keep in mind that JMP is a desktop application and not a server level application. 


Re: Deployment of jsl

Windows scheduler is handy for running scripts too.

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Re: Deployment of jsl

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