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Deploy my own Tip of The Day - Examples?

The Tip of the Day feature in all versions of JMP is nice, and l have picked up a number of useful shortcuts from reading through them all. However, what I would like to do is to include in this list some company specific tips too.


Has anyone done this? I'm interested to hear how you acheived it.


So far I have identified that the tips are HTML files stored in (for v13, Windows 64-bit system) C:\Program Files (x86)\SAS\JMP\13\Tip of the Day. However, I also discovered that as a standard user I cannot change the contents of this folder. Does this mean that my only recourse is to ask our IT department to deploy?




Community Trekker

Re: Deploy my own Tip of The Day - Examples?

I've thought about doing this but haven't gotten any further than that. On our company's installation, we do an auto-install on C:\program files\sas\jmp13\, even though it is a 64bit version and even though we have the x86 program files folder on our machines.


I sort of have write access to these folders (a few key strokes that probably not all JMP users at my company knows about), and I've just checked that if I do something like copying tip62.htm to tip62 - copy.htm (default windows copied file name), it doesn't work, but if I call the new file tip63.htm it works fine. Presumably it is looking for prev / next # based on # of htm files. Because of this quasi write acess I would have to ask our IT dept to deploy if we wanted to do this, unless someone knows a way around it.


For what it is is worth, one of the first tips I would put in there is to highlight the rows->row selection-> name selection in column. It creates a new column which you can name whatever you want, with one value for the selected rows and another value unselected rows. Someone pointed this out to me a few months ago; it is very handy for creating buckets, especially from select where() functions or selecting points from plots.