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Definitive Screening Designs Blocking and Augmenting


Is it possible to block Definitive Screening Designs (DSD's) in 2 or more blocks? I can afford to run 8-reactors at a time and I need to typically investigate 6 to 7 factors.

If I choose a 6-factor design, how easy is it to later Augment existing DSD's to de-alias some (user-specific) interactions and curvature effects. Lets assume that other ways (hereditary principle, scientific rational) cant help in this case.

I am aware I can use Custom design option to solve my problem but my interest here is in learning more about DSDs.

Thank you.

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Staff (Retired)

Re: Definitive Screening Designs Blocking and Augmenting

The answer to your question is yes.

I would suggest you check out this recording on the JMP site of a case study recorded by Dr. Peter Goos of a DSD with blocking.

If you have to augment the DSD after the first pass you can just add the terms to the model that you are trying to delineate and use the augment capability.

I would also bring attention to a slideshare link to Dr. Bradley Jones presentation on DSD's (see slide #24)

Everything You Wanted to Know About Definitive Screening Designs

Hope this helps

Lou V

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Re: Definitive Screening Designs Blocking and Augmenting

Thank you LouV. The links were really helpful.

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