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Data Wrangling with PISA dataset in JMP

Greetings everyone!


I am currently working with the 2018 PISA dataset, with the aim of creating individual scores for each student per subject area (Reading, Science, Math) for further analysis. I have had luck doing this with R in deriving the overall mean but I am a little lost on how to replicate this in JMP on an individual level (due to the lack of know-how in incorporating the student weight and the 80 replicate weights into JMP)


Is there any chance someone may have done similar analyses with prior PISA datasets who can help shed some light? Thank you very much for taking the time to read this, cheers!

Level VII

Re: Data Wrangling with PISA dataset in JMP

Can you post the R code you are trying to replicate, ideally with a sample data set, or describe your goal in a bit more detail?


Here is a package that might contain a dataset you could use:

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