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Dashboard Dependencies Error

I have been trying to build a dashboard to help me filter out cases from a large dataset and figured I would try building a dashboard to help me determine if I am filtering the right cases.  When I built a dashboard from chartbuilder charts and distributions JMP freezes for a couple minutes and I get the following error:



I'm a little puzzled because I'm only using one data file (built from many data files).  "Report2" is not one of my data files.  Each of the charts is saved as a JMP .jrp, and I removed formulas from the columns I'm using.  What am I missing?


Re: Dashboard Dependencies Error

A common cause for this problem is when the Current Data Table when running the dashboard is not the same as it was when the Dashboard was constructed.  One of the dependent reports (could be a Graph Builder or Distribution) failed to initialize, most likely because required columns were not available.


I'm not quite clear on how many tables you have.  When you add your first report to the Dashboard, the associated table will be the Current Data Table for the Dashboard.  This allows you to run the same Dashboard on different tables (with matching columns).  If you add a report based on a second table, you should see a dialog like this:




This property can also be changed later by selecting "Show Properties" from the red-triangle menu and changing the Location property for the first data table from "Current Data Table" to "Name".  If you want to use the Current Data Table, just make sure that the current table corresponds to the first report (or at least has the same columns) when you run the Dashboard.


If this doesn't help, please describe more about your table(s) and reports.  It might also be helpful to know which version of JMP you are using, and whether you are running the Dashboard from the builder or by saving the Dashboard to open later.


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