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Customizing markers in Overlay Plot JMP11/12

I need to create an overlay plot where I need the marker color to be red and symbol to be a  cross('X' ). The code below works (including the needle funtionality in the Y options) except for the markers(in the Y options) that by default either takes the row state color/marker of the dataset or shows up in black solid circles. In fact I notice that when I  click on the red triangle in the overlay chart created, the 'Overlay Marker Color' and 'Overlay Marker' option under 'Y options' is greyed out.  All the other options seem available. All the solutions that I have seen so far either uses a Graph Builder or the Dispatch, SendToReport functionality. I cannot use them due to some other constraints in my application. Is it possible to change marker type and color any other way ? Adjusting row state color perhaps ?

OverlayChartExpr = Expr(
	Overlay Plot(
		X( :Name( "_XCOLUMN_" ) ),
		Y( :Name( "_YCOLUMN_" ) ),
		By( :Name( "_BYCOLUMN_" ) ),
		:Name( "_YCOLUMN_" )(Overlay Marker Color( 3 ), Overlay Marker( 2 ), Needle( 1 )),
		Separate Axes( 1 ),
		Connect Thru Missing( 1 ),
		Connect Points( 1 ),
		Connect Color( 5 ),
		X Axis << {Format( "ddMonyyyy" )},
		Y Axis << {Show Major Grid( 1 ), Connect Points( 1 )}



Re: Customizing markers in Overlay Plot JMP11/12

Have you tried using Graph Builder?
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