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Customized graph with random labels

I'm writing a script within a graphic for a customization example. I ran a regular fit model platform with some data and added the following to the actual vs. predicted plot:

//This adds the customized Boeing piece

Marker Size( 5 );

Marker( Color State( "Green" ), {762290, 762290} );

Text Size( 9 );

Text( Text Color( "Green" ), {802290, 652290}, "Program X - Boeing Offer" );

Pen Color( "Green" );

Line( {802290, 652290 + 35000}, {762290, 762290} );

//This adds the customized Supplier Piece

Marker Size( 5 );

Marker( Color State( "Red" ), {762290, 1147500} );

Text Size( 9 );

Text( Text Color( "Red" ), {292290, 1147500 + 35000}, "Program X - Supplier Offer" );

However, there are some latent labels which keep appearing and I can't figure out why. The script only touches the red and green sets of information. They look to be  located at the ends of the lines on the graph which is odd due to the script impacting a label created by JMP and that 0 value follows the "Program Y" label around when the line moves.


Am I missing some closeout type command for the lines or added labels?

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Re: Customized graph with random labels

Is it possible that you've got a row labeled in the data table?


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