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Custom Graph: how to create a nom axis box?


Community Trekker


Jun 26, 2014

Is there a way to have the Graph Box(...) function produce a NomAxisBox instead of a standard AxisBox?  I was trying to create a custom Variability chart that updates with the dt<<Make Rowstate Handler callback rather than the "Automatic Recalc" option for the built-in platforms. 

I could make one myself out of a framebox with lines and text inserted at appropriate positions...but I was looking for something already built-in.

I saw the command to produce a NomAxisBox within a journal file by opening it as a text file, but the NomAxisBox(...) command is not available in the scripting platform for some reason (it gives a name unresolved error).

NomAxisBox(size(300,22),sizeID(1,5),num labels(5),labels(".",group1,group2,group3,group4,),value(1,1,1,1,1),total(5),horizontal,right,dividers(1),lowerFrame(1),insideTicks(1),)




Sep 21, 2012

Unfortunately NomAxisBox is only used internally and not exposed to JSL.  Boxes in Journals are created through a different mechanism.  We have this recorded as a feature request for future versions of JMP.



Sep 3, 2014

As Dan said, you can't get a NomAxis box directly from JSL. However, what you can do is create the regular numeric axis with Graph Box, then convert it to a custom categorical axis using the Tick Label List message:

axisbox << Tick Label List(

  {"sqrt2", "sqrt3", "e", "pi"},

  {1.41, 1.73, 2.72, 3.14}


The first list can be set to whatever labels you want, and the second (optional) list the corresponding positions.

Will this be helpful for what you want to do?



Sep 3, 2014

One more note: you'll probably want to set << Inc( 1 ) and an appropriate Min and Max on your axisbox at the same time, since otherwise some of your custom labels will be skipped.