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Creating "Graph Builder"-like functionality

Hi - I want to write an application that employs a user interface very similar to that of the Graph Builder.  That is, I want to be able to drag variables from a List Box into one of several regions of a "charting area", each of which has a different function (like the 'X', 'Y', 'Frequency', 'Color', 'Legend' functions of the Graph Builder), where they will be immediately interpreted in whatever way is most appropriate, given the information available to the application at that time.

I can't use the Graph Builder itself because the functionality I want to create is completely different, but the way variables are dragged and dropped into each of a number of possible different "task regions" is very close to the way I want the user interface to look - so I need to know how to capture the fact that the user has dragged a variable into one of these regions, and then immediately afterwards to run a script appropriate to that action.

Can anyone point me at a small sample JSL script that illustrates how I might set about doing that, please?

Many thanks

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Re: Creating "Graph Builder"-like functionality

Your best bet is to look into Mouse Box(), which lets you assign actions to drop.

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