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May 25, 2012

Created Graph from data, now how to get a predicted value?

Hello all,

I am new to JMP, just picked it up this week and am trying to learn as I go.

From a data table I have graphed a parameter value from semiconductor versus the voltage that was applied to obtain the parameter. I used the graph builder and then saved that script into my data retrieval script.

So what I am sitting on now is a plot of data points, from which I produced a smooth non linear graph. The task is for any voltage value, find the predicted parameter value. There are 20 data points varying from 0-1v. This would be an easy job if I knew the equation of the non linear graph, just prompt for the desired voltage and then plug it into the equation.

Is there a way to obtain the equation of this graph from JMP? Or should I be thinking of another way to tackle this task?

Thanks in advance,



Community Trekker


Aug 30, 2011

Re: Created Graph from data, now how to get a predicted value?

Here is how you can do this rather effortlessly. I am an occasional user of JMP version 9. Suppose your independent variable is called Y and your predictor X. Pick Fit Model from the Analyze menu. On the Fit model dialog, drag your Y variable to the Y box and X to the Effects box. Select X in the effects box and click on the Attributes red triangle. Pick Knotted Spline Effect and let JMP decide on the number of knots. Click the Run button. In the resulting report, click the red triangle in the upper left corner and choose Save Columns -- Prediction Formula. Go back to your data table and you will see a new column with the predicted values. Add new values at the bottom of the X column and new predicted values will appear.