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Apr 9, 2014

Copying Cellings : Strange Error

Hello Friends,

I am trying to manually copy 10 rows of data in 1 colum into an existing jmp table. Now I created a new column and tried to past the data.

Now assume that I have column 1, 2 and 3 in the table and I have created a new column 4 and I am trying to past this sinlge column of data from excel to jmp:

When I press the paste button, the data gets copied into column 2 instead of column 4.  (my cursor is on column 4, row 1).

I have tried this 20 times and showed this to the expert, we are all very puzzled.

Did some one ever have a similar experience ?



Community Member


Mar 25, 2014

Re: Copying Cellings : Strange Error


Will you please provide some screen,so that i can see and come-out with some useful result.