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Control chart's phases format in JMP

Hello, I am doing some control charts and the phases names on the chart don't look very well. Some phases are very short and so the names overlap on the chart. I wanted to solve this by adding some annotations but to do that I need to "get rid" of the phases names. Of course the problem is that if I do this then there are no phases, any ideas on how to do this? I thought of having the text color of the phases as white but I don't seem to find how to do this, the script part of the phases is like this:

Sample Label( :Week ),

  Phase( :Phase ),

  Group Size( 1 ),

  KSigma( 3 ),

  Chart Col(


  Individual Measurement(

  Phase Level( "Phase 1" ),

  Phase Level( "2" ),

  Phase Level( "3" ),

  Phase Level( "" ),

  Phase Level( "New Phase" )


I already tried:

  • Covering the phases with a rectangle, this works for a while but when I update the data the rectangle (white color) moves around
  • Deleting the phases names and leave only the annotations, works for 1 time but on recreate the chart (I run it with a script) the phase appears again and I have to delete it again


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Re: Control chart's phases format in JMP

Add a new column to your data table and use numbers for the phases and change the column properties to make them categorical numeric.

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