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Control Chart JMP Scripting

I am attempting to write a script that will "automate" an SPC analysis.  Thus far I've been able to import the .csv file, make a preliminary selection of data to be included in the historical data set (HDS), applied the IR charting to the historical data set range, and saved the control limits in a separate JMP file (this last pat took forever to figure out).

Now I want to apply the saved HDS limits to our more recent data, but I can't figure out what argument to apply to the Control Chart command to get it to pull those limits.  I imagine it would look something like...

current data table(;

cc.recovery = Control Chart(

Sample Label(:lotnum),

Group Size(1),


Chart Col(


  Individual Measurement(

   Shade Zones(1),

   Test 1(1),

   Test 2(1),

   Test 3(1),

   Test 5(1),

   Test 6(1)


  Moving Range,

  Get Limits("Recovery HDS")




   {"Individual Measurement of recovery"},

   "IR Chart of IM",


   {Grid Line Order(6), Reference Line Order(7)}




Any assistance would be most appreciated.


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