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Confidence Interval Plot for Proportions

I frequently analyze process yield data for effects associated with process changes. For example, I might have yield data collected during 4 runs, each under a different process conditions. I would like to be create a chart that quickly conveys a statistical comparison of the effects of the process conditions. One way to do this is to (like what was discussed here in 2015 ):


1. calculate the confidence interval on the proportion (yield) for each group (process condition A, B, C, and D)
2. input the values into a datatable, along with the grouping variables
3. use graph builder to plot the actual proportion, upper CL and lower LC on the y-axis and group on the x-axis


Above yields a confidence interval chart, from which comparisons between all group pairs can be assessed quickly, but it takes several steps to create and results in a chart that is disconnected from the underlying raw data, so lacks the ability to gain greater insight into the data by, for example, filtering out subsets of the data that may be of interest.


Is there already a JMP platform (or proposed solution on the community) that outputs a confidence interval chart for proportions and I have missed?


If not, I am interested in hearing people's recommendations for efficient ways to accomplish.  I'd like this to be as easy as 4 or 5 clicks (select platform (or script), select Y variable, select X variable, click OK).


This should not be too hard to script, but I thought I'd check here for an existing solution first.

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