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Conducting Mixed Model Analysis in JMP Pro 13 or 14

Hi All,


I am a student who has been analyzing spatial data (Soil Nitrogen) displaying spatial variability (soil samples collected over a grid) using Mixed Models with repeated measurements in JMP Pro 12.4. JMP Pro 12.4 provided me with an option under the "Fit Model" tab that would allow me to located the "Mixed Model" personality and treat spatial data can be treated as repeated measures with two or more dimensions (Rows, Columns) as repeated effects. This would allow me to determine the best AICc and BIC statistics for a series of spatial models wiith different co-variance structures (Spherial, Gaussian, etc.) that I was fitting to soil data. Recently my campus JMP software was updated to JMP 13.1. Unfortunetly, this has left me without an option to continue performing repeated measures with the Mixed Model personality found in the "Fit Model" feature as this new version of JMP is the "standard" and not the "Pro" version. In the previous JMP pro 12.4 I was able to write scripts for fitting spatial models with different covariance structures (Spherical, Exponential, etc) on  "Nitrogen" and "Log10 Carbon" data. I've attached an IMG of a table that I was able to generate using JMP pro 12.4 to give insight to the Fit Statistics I put together for different spatial models for 'Log10 Carbon' data. I was unable to run the scripts for "Nitrogen" on JMP pro 12.4 before the license expired here on campus. If I am to provide the .JMP file (Nitrogen Soil Property) of Nitrogen data would I be able to get assistance with running the prepared scripts of the various models in JMP 13 or 14 Pro software? I can attach an IMG of the scripts (Soil N - ...) that I've prepared and would need to be ran for Nitrogen data. It would be a great help for my ongoing work as I am simply trying to recreate the table of fit statistics on logtransformed Soil Carbon attached below for Soil Nitrogen data. Thank you and if you have any questions or clarifications, please feel free to ask.JMP scripts for fitting spatial models for Nitrogen dataJMP scripts for fitting spatial models for Nitrogen dataFit Statistics for Spatial Models using JMP Pro 12.4Fit Statistics for Spatial Models using JMP Pro 12.4

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