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Comparing different values of same patient overtime.


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Jul 7, 2016

Hello JMP community,

I am currently working with clinical data, and need some help with the analysis of a test score. I want to compare the different scores of the same patient overtime (I am comparing by year) to see if there is a pattern in flare activity for the patient's disease. I attempted to use the summary table to achieve this goal, but have been unsuccessful thus far. The mean summary option would combine all my scores together, so that would not be very helpful. I also tried to use the N summary option but found that this did not give me the data I needed either.

Thank you.


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Jun 23, 2011

Can you put the year in as a group variable?




Jul 2, 2014

Hi acunar,

Assuming your data is time ordered you can use Time Series under  Analyze > Modeling > Time Series.  You can see the trends and also fit a model that will allow you to predict future scores for the patient.




Jun 5, 2014

Probably the simplest thing you can use is a run chart, either in Graph Builder, or the Analyze -> Quality and Process -> Control Charts -> Run Chart platform. One advantage of Graph Builder over the Run Chart path, is if you have multiple patients ((which you didn't mention...but I've yet to run into a study with clinical data that didn't have this characteristic)...and patient to patient comparisons might be meaningful and helpful) you can overlay each patient's scores over time.


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Jun 22, 2012

I would throw a bit of caution into this, when doing a statistical analysis.  Given that you are measuring the same subject across time, you need to treat the data as a repeated measure.  So be careful when analyzing. 

I will also suggest, that a Parallel plot may be of use.  I like it when comparing related measurements, to find trends, etc.