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Combining all oneway analysis in one window

Hi guys!
I'm having a trouble regarding on oneway analysis.
My code was suppose to let the user select the required items needed to do t-tests
and the confidence level which is 0.1,0.05 or 0.01

Y( :((colListY<<GetItems)[i]) ),
X( :(colListX<<GetItems) ),
Each Pair(
Confidence Quantile( 0 ),
LSD Threshold Matrix( 0 ),
Connecting Letters Report( 0 ),
Detailed Comparisons Report( 1 )
Means and Std Dev( 0 ),
Set α Level( ConfidenceList[ConfidenceLevel<<get])

 Because there might be multiple colList Y, I did a loop to iterate every single colListY items and create a t-test.
For every colListY item, it opens a window with the t-test.
Example: If my colListY have 3 elements, namely A,B,C,  and colListX being Time, I would have 
3 Windows of t-test, A by Time, B by Time and C by Time. 
May I know is there anywhere I could join all the Oneway analysis in one window after the looping?
Thank you so much! 

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Re: Combining all oneway analysis in one window

Hi @Jax 

there are probably more ways of doing what you are looking for.

perhaps you can consider this one:


If you want the output horizontally try "H list box" instead

Let us know if this is taking you in the right direction.




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