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Jun 23, 2011

Columns Menu - Tell us what you think for JMP 13

Over time, the Columns menu has gone from this in JMP, version 1:

8739_JMP1ColumnsMenu.pngto this in JMP 12:8741_ColsMenu.png

There's a contextual version of the menu that you get when you right-click at the top of a column.


When this contextual menu was created, it was intended to provide quick access to the most often used items. As we've added more items, this context menu has grown to be less useful as it's pretty long.

For JMP 13, we'd like to trim and rearrange the Cols menu in the menu bar, and prune the context menu a bit. Here's what we're thinking for JMP 13:


On the left is the Cols menu, and the right is the contextual menu from a right-click on a column. Here's a summary of the changes from JMP 12:

  1. Recode and Columns Viewer have been relocated to the same group with Utilities and Modeling Utilities, but not as submenu items.
  2. Validation submenu has been dropped from the main Cols menu (List check, range check, are accessible thru the Column Properties menu, or Column Info dialog).
  3. Modeling type has been removed from both the main Cols menu and the context menu. The modeling types are accessible from the individual column popup on the Columns Panel.
  4. Color Cells menu item has been removed from the context menu. The same command can be reached from the context menu on a selected cell.
  5. Use Value Label menu item is removed, rather than disabled if the clicked column does not have Value Label.
  6. Formula menu item is removed, rather than disabled, if the clicked column is not allowed to have formula (e.g., a derived column).
  7. Standardize Attributes and Data Filter have been removed from the Context menu.

We'd like your thoughts about these changes. Have we gone too far? Not far enough? Have we removed the item you use most often?

Please let us know in comments below.


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Feb 10, 2013

Re: Columns Menu - Tell us what you think for JMP 13


Until you stop and look you don't realize all of tools within the menus that are provided to us.  Streamlining the menus makes great sense and I like what you are proposing. I am glad to see the merging of "new column" and "add multiple columns..." but why "new" in one menu and "insert" in the other?  Why has recode move out of the utility submenu?  That seems unnecessary especially since you can now have it on the tool bar (which is where I now go to access it).

In the current column menu (from right clicking on the column heading) the items I use most often are 1. Column Properties 2. Formula and a distant 3. Column Info.





Jun 23, 2011

Re: Columns Menu - Tell us what you think for JMP 13

Insert columns does not present you with a dialog. It just adds as many columns as there are selected columns, similar to Insert columns in Excel.

The data type is determined the first time you enter data to the column.


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Jul 13, 2011

Re: Columns Menu - Tell us what you think for JMP 13

I like this rationalisation of the context-menu. 

The context menu is brought up when you right-click either on the column header, or the column name in the columns panel.  Do the context menus need to be the same in both places?

If not, then I would vote for the column header context menu being a you have it but without the label option. Then for the column panels context menu just have options such as label, hide,exclude, group.