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Column hierarchy displayed on a single onway plot?


Community Trekker


Feb 3, 2017

OK maybe this isn't the right way to do it but I'll explain what I'm going for and see what gets suggest.


Let's say I have a character column that contains 5 different types of names for the rows (tool1, tool2, tool3, tool4, tool5). I want to have a Oneway plot showing the statistics of each tool for a given parameter (say average tool down time), but I also want the Oneway plot to group the tools into two categories because tools 1,2 and 3 are in 1 facility, and tools 3 and 5 are in another, so facility1 and facility2. I want the one way plot x-axis to display tools1-5 as well as the aggregate of facility1 and facility2 tools all horizontally and in the same y-axis so I can see how each tool compares to the overal statistics for each facility.


Now since Oneway plots only allow one x-axis column, I've found a hacky way of doing this by copying all the rows and added them to the table (so doubled the amount of rows with 1 duplicate for each) and then replaced the tool# with corresponding facility# so the Tool column in a one-way plot shows everything like I want it. I don't like this solutiong beccause now in other plots I ahve to be careful about the duplicate rows. The other solution is to just make two one plots and line them up next to each other but that's just not a very elegant solution.


I see there's this supercategories function but not sure if that's what I need. Any suggestions?