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Column Mean using only part of the dataset


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Dec 11, 2014


I want to get a column mean into a new column but I want to be able to restrict the date range that I use.  I want to be able to say get column mean from day x to day y in my formula.   This is the current formula that i have:

New Column ("X",



Format ("Best", 12),

Formula (Col Mean (:WeeklyPercent, :Week, :Source)), Set Selected);

It pull the average weekly percent by week and source of the data which is perfect, however, even when I put a data filter on the dataset it still pulls the mean for the entire data set by those two by variables.  I want to be able to change the date range that those column means are from.  Can anyone help me with that?





Jun 23, 2011

The column functions operate on the whole table, ignoring selection and exclusions. However, you can make a formula column that's dependent on the row state and use that column as a BY variable.

New Column( "mysel", Formula( Selected( Row State() ) ) );

New Column( "meany", Formula( Col Mean( :y, :mysel) ) );

If you're using the global data filter with selection turned on, the Column Means will be recomputed whenever the selection changes.