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Column Dialog placeholders question

If I run the following script in JMP 7, I'm automatically prevented from entering the "Person" column into both the Rfac and Xfac placeholders (i.e. if I enter it into one, I can't enter it into the other). If however I run the same script in JMP 8, it seems that I'm not automatically prevented from doing this. I want to ensure that the user is prevented from doing this in JMP 8. Is there an easy way to resurrect that check? (I know I could write some script around the dialog box to check for such an error and then put it into a loop if necessary, but I'd prefer to write something into the Column Dialog function itself to restore the JMP 7 check if possible. I've had a look in the manual, but can't see anything relevant.)


MyTable = new table("My Table",
new column("Person", character, values({"Tom", "Dick", "Harry"})),
new column("Product", character, values({"Fish", "Chips", "Two Veg"})),
new column("Data", numeric, values({1, 2, 3}))

VarList = Column Dialog(Title("Set Factors and Response"),
Rfac = ColList("Respondent ID", Min Col(1), Max Col(1)),
Xfac = ColList("Product ID", Min Col(1), Max Col(1)),
Yvar = ColList("Response Variable", Min Col(1), Max Col(1))