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Choropleth map with 2 levels layers

Hi all,

I’m working on some data which look like this (but with much more data):


I’m trying to build a graph (in jsl script) to visualize plots colored by value (first level) and the protocol they belong to (second level), all in the same frame.

1 plot = a square defined by its lower left corner coordinates (XXX and YY columns) in an orthogonal frame. Each plot should be colored according to its value (val column).

1 protocol = several contiguous plots. Each protocol has a name which I would like to be displayed as a label. Each protocol should be bordered with a bold line.

Example of what I want:


What I’ve tried so far:

  • A heatmap with XXX on X-axis and YY on Y-axis, colored by val .I then add a background map using map files I created for protocol  (see attached files: and Problems :
    • I struggle with the scale, which automatically switches to “geodesic” while I need it to be “linear”. Even though I force it in my script, it keeps changing back.
    • I can’t find a way to display the protocol names labels (I don’t want to do it by labeling my rows (plots) because it  would be displayed on every cell when I want to see it only once per protocol)
    • Background map borders are of course at the background, whereas I would like them ideally to be over the heatmap
  • A map shape with protocol as a map role ( and, but this makes the plots disappear and I get an averaged value for each protocol instead of the value for each plot in a protocol.
  • A map shape with plot as a map role ( and + a background map created with protocol coordinates ( and But once more, I meet problems with scaling, and I can’t display my protocols names.

I found that it is possible with a treemap to display labels in transparency over groups; that’s the kind of display I’m seeking for the protocols names (but I’m not interested in treemap features otherwise).


If someone could help me with this, I would be very grateful. All JMP files are attached in a zip file.


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