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Choice Design


Community Member


Oct 28, 2017

Hi! Can anyone help me with Choice Design in jmp? I have six factors, 3 with 2 levels, 1 with 4 levels, 1 with 33 levels and 1 with 11 levels. When I fill all attributes and levels? I click on the button Maker Design but JMP doesn't work and Windiws says JMP not respondig. Can you tell what should I do to solve this problem? Maybe it hapens because I have so many levels in my designe but I'm sure JMP can deal with it or not?



Community Trekker


Jun 5, 2014

Hi, Katy!


Are you really intending to experiment with people choosing from 11,616 possible different choices?  How many surveys are you intending to run?


My JMP Pro 13.2.1 Windows 64bit with 16Gb of memory ran overnight and didn't complete the design with 50 surveys specified.  I task-managed my way out of JMP.  I think your experiment might need to be trimmed down a bit, if possible. 


33 levels of choice in one factor?  This sounds like a "bread in the supermarket" design!!  :-)


Good luck!