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Choice Design

Dear all,

I have a question regarding DOE choice design on JMP. I have designed a questionnaire on JMP DOE choice design with 4 attributes and 3-4 levels for each. I created 10 choices set. However, in the questionnaire website, I add more questions such as age, gender, income, country. I also want to analyse it in JMP. For example, I want to see who values more on specific attribute (from income or country, etc). Could you tell me please how do I input those data (gender, age, income, country) in JMP and how to analyse it? Thank you

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Re: Choice Design


There is a nice example of this here:

Analytically Speaking: Understanding Customer Needs with Choice Modeling

This is a choice experiment and respondents were also asked a question about their preference. The preference question response was used alongside the choice responses in the model.

This case study is also writtin up in these blog posts:

Chocolate smackdown: US vs. Belgium 

Chocolate smackdown: The final analysis 

The preference question response is added in the Subject Data part of the Choice model dialog.

I hope this helps.




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