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Oct 30, 2017

Changing group markers in Overlay Plot; JMP 12 vs 13



Apologies if this has been addressed/answered before but I could not find anything using the site search....


TL;DR version:

When I used JMP 12, I was able to change the group marker symbols and colors in Overlay Plots simply by selecting one (or more) of the items in the legend at the bottom of the plot, right-clicking and choosing one of the offered options.  The plot immediately changed to my selection(s).  This no longer works under JMP 13; the information in the legend table changes but not within the plot.  Is there another quick and easy way to do this, without using or manually editing a script?


Long version:

I have a series of voltage vs. current measurements made over multiple devices.  The first voltage sweep goes from 0V to 7V in 100mV steps, measuring the current at each step.  This data is named nSweep=1.  Three bipolar sweeps folllow which goes from 0V to 5V and back to 0V.  These are named nSweep 3 & 4, 5 & 6 and 7 & 8; skipping 2 as I would like odd voltage sweep numbers to be increasing voltage and even sweep numbers decreasing voltage.


When this data is plotted with the Overlay Groups option, I want the first sweep denoted by a red open circle.  All remaining increasing voltage sweeps (odd numbers) should use a greater than symbol (>) and decreasing voltage sweeps (even numbers) use the less than symbol (<).  Each bipolar pair needs to have a different color; 3 & 4 are green, 5 & 6 are blue and 7 & 8 are orange.  This used to take me about 30 seconds with JMP 12 by right-clicking each item in the legend.  The plots then could be easily understood by the viewer.  If additional sweeps were run, it was simple enough to select different colors.  Now, JMP 13 does not allow me to change these group markers via the right-click.


Even setting the Row Markers in the data table doesn't work.  The row marker definitions ARE used if the No Overlay option is selected.  However, when the Overlay Groups option is enabled, the color and symbols used in the plots appears to be defined by the Graph Marker Theme in the Preferences section.


If I've done it right, I've attached scripts from JMP 12 and JMP 13 that were used to generate the plots.


Ray Kawakami