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Changing Graph Builder Y-Axis Variable Using Radio Box (Application Builder)

Hello World! This is my first post.


I am attempting to change the Y-axis variable of a graph builder platform inserted into application builder based on the selected value within a radio box, in particular using the application builder workflow.


I have built the layout but am not sure how to connect the output from the radio box to the graph builder platform script. The following has been written in the scripts window of the application builder:

:r4y = Empty();

	// This function is called when the Radio Box selection changes
	selected = this << Get Selected;

:r4y = If(selected == "Longitudinal Modulus",
	:Name("Longitudinal Tensile Modulus 1 (MPa)"),
	:Name("Longitudinal Tensile Modulus 2 (MPa)")	

This seems to run just fine but I am unsure how to affect the graph builder platform which was a "drag-n-drop" addition. The graph builder script is shown below:

Graph Builder(
	Size( 320, 288 ),
	Show Control Panel( 0 ),
	Show Legend( 0 ),
	Fit to Window( "Maintain Aspect Ratio" ),
		X( :Wall Thickness ),
		Y( :Name( "Longitudinal Tensile Modulus 1 (MPa)" ) ),
		Overlay( :Lifecycle ),
		Color( :Product Family )
	Elements( Points( X, Y, Legend( 3 ) ) ),

My understanding once I have the column variable :r4y defined as the proper column variable I can replace :Name(yaddayadda) with this parameterized variable, ie. Y( :r4y ).


I am having trouble understanding how to connect these two platforms using app builder as one is located in the app builders script window and one is its own platform script contained within the app. Do I need to scope the variable within the graph builder platform and then send it the radiobox output?


Thanks in advance for any guidance!