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Change add-in load order using JSL

Does anyone have ideas on how to change the add-in load order using JSL?  I would like to make sure that one of my add-ins always loads first.


Many thanks

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Re: Change add-in load order using JSL

I wasnt able to change the addin load order, but i was able to force a specific addin to load first by running in addinLoad.jsl of the dependand addin:

Register Addin("unique_id", "home_folder", <named_arguments>);
Level VII

Re: Change add-in load order using JSL

It seems risky but you could try to modify the addinRegistry.xml file, by default it lives in the folder below. I think you could reference that file path by stripping the /Addins/ folder off the end of ADDIN_HOME(com.your.addin.id).


  • Windows: "C:/Users/<username>/AppData/Roaming/SAS/JMP/"
  • Macintosh: "/Users/<username>/Library/Application Support/JMP/"

Maybe a safer solution is to check if the required add-in is registered in the load section of the dependent add-in, and then either load it if it isn't already, or run files with whatever functionality you need.


Generally I try to make add-ins self-sufficient but that does mean I have some scripts that I include in many different add-ins.  For example to update a logging feature used in many add-ins, I update the logging script file, then copy/paste it to many add-ins and re-build/re-distribute those (or let the add-ins check for updates automatically).

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