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Casting a "Calculated Field" into a platform role

Is it possible to select two or more columns in a formula and cast it into a role for a graph (or even analysis) platform?

Excel allows you to create a calculated field as formulas in Pivot Tables.

The method is to create a formula in the PivotTable report as a calculated field. This item will now be reflected in PivotChart reports. This is very useful in analyzing utility cost / unit of measure when you have data at different levels and have columns containing actual amount and actual quantity.

I have been unable to reproduce this functionality in JMP. Any ideas?
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Re: Casting a "Calculated Field" into a platform role

The way to do this in JMP is to create a new column and give it a formula property (right-click on column name and choose "Formula") with the desired formula. Then use the new synthetic column in your analyses.
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