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Cannot see data points of charts on some jrp on JMP12

I found if I saved some charts like fit y by x, distribution, as jrp files by embedding tables, I was not able to see the data points on chart when I reopened them. However, if I send these jrp files to other people, they are able to see those data points on the charts. 

I also tried saving the charts as jrp files by referencing tables, and it works totally fine. However, I still prefer to save charts as jrp files with embedding tables since it makes moving files around easier. 


Could anybody kindly tell me why I am not able to see the dots on my jrp files, and how I can fix it? Thank you very much!





Re: Cannot see data points of charts on some jrp on JMP12

Can you attach an example? Even if it is just some screenshots that would help the community to understand your problem.
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