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Level II

Cannot save window to journal file

I have a script which creates a window and saves plots in a specific orientation.  When that is complete I attempt to save the window to a journal file as described in the JMP Scripting Guide.  However every time I attempt to do this the file is not created.  I can save the window to HTML without issue.  Here is the portion of the script I'm having trouble with:

MyWin = New Window( "Big Classy", vlb = V List Box());

For( i = 5, i <= 10, i++,

  vlb << append(

  H List Box(

  Eval( Eval Expr (VarPlot) ),

  Eval( Eval Expr (BVplot) )




MyWin << Save Journal("C:\Path\file.jrn");


MyWin << Save HTML("C:\Users\jzimmerman\Desktop\BigClassy.html", PNG);

works just fine.  Does anyone know what I might be doing incorrectly?

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