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Aug 11, 2016

Can we flip a data table?


I'm analysing a data set that was sent to me looking similar to below table. There are 2 key things I want to obtain (and more after I could play with it):

  1. which item is critical (highest cost) for each year? This is something I could generate for each year separately on a column graph (better suggestions?)
  2. The trend for each iteam over the years. Now since the years are column names, I have troubles generating a graph for this. I don't want to manually update the data table to have years where Items' names are now. Is there an easy way for this? Of course, the data table I have is way bigger and more complex than this.

In addition, I will appreciate any suggestions for studying this type of data. I think there must be a way that maybe I can identify if something has a predictable trend and generate an equation for prediction as well.


Item 1$$$
Item 2$$$
Item 3$$$

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Jun 22, 2012

Re: Can we flip a data table?

I suggest that you simply stack the 3 columns using


This will give you the basic table you will need to generate the graphs and analyses you are looking for.