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Can multiple .swf files be combined?

I've used the Application Builder to create dashboards that include multiple .swf type files.  My question is if there is a way to combine multiple .swf distributions into a single .swf that can be sent to people who do not have JMP.

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Re: Can multiple .swf files be combined?

The SWF files as saved by JMP are limited to a single platform per file.  In the past we have had some success in embedding the SWF into other containers such as Powerpoint.  The support for this changes with the version of Powerpoint, but these instructions may help:

JMP | SWF Support

Depending on which platforms and JMP version you are using, another option would be to use HTML5 output.  In JMP 12, if you have two Bubble Plots in the same window:

dt = Open( "$SAMPLE_DATA/" );

New Window( "Bubble Plots",

       H List Box(

              dt << Run Script( "Bubble Plot by State" ),

              dt << Run Script( "Bubble Plot by Region" )



You can use File > Save As and choose type "Interactive HTML" to produce an HTML file with both Bubble Plots represented.  One advantage of the HTML over SWF is that each SWF has a separate copy of the data, while the two HTML graphs are sharing one data table.  Selection in one Bubble Plot will be reflected in the other.

You can create your combined windows using either Application Builder or JSL, but I would recommend using List Box containers rather than Splitter Box containers for the best HTML5 results in JMP 12.