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Can i open part of a data table(.csv) using jmp script?


i want to open a csv file using jmp script. However i want to write code to be able to just extract certain columns from the csv file.

Say if a file has 9 columns but i only want 3. can this be done? Currently i open the file and then delete the 6 columns i don't need. However the file is so large that it takes ages to open so this is why i want to just open 3 columns at the beginning.

Currently i open the file with the following code:

dt = Open();

then pick my file.

What if i want to make this table hidden? All the JMP Scripting guides say:

dt = Open("", invisible);

However I will be picking different file names so cannot use the line above, as this is for a fixed file name.

Sorry if this is confusing!

Any help would be great!

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